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Tauren Tipping: Hardcore results on casual terms!

Tauren Tipping formed in WotLK, and is one of Zuluhed's oldest, still active guilds.

We have a consistently been towards the top of Zulu's Alliance raiding rankings and have historically done so on a two night schedule. Taking on a semi-hardcore mentality, we believe we can turn out great results without the need to spend seven nights a week raiding.

Scheduled raiding nights are Tues/Thurs, running from 5:00pm-8:00pm Server Time (PST). We seek raiders who are ready to show up, perform well, and work through progression all while not being afraid to remember that this is just a game... and we are here to have fun playing that game! If you are in need of a raiding group and enjoy a friendly, yet badass environment, then <TT> is the place for you!

We are striving to remain towards the top of the rankings in WoD! Even though we will not push hard for "server first" achievements every single time... we will be there to win them whenever possible! End game Mythic raiding is the primary goal.

In MoP, the team expanded it's desire to PvP, and we managed to finish the expansion as Zulu's top Alliance PvP guild. WPvP and other group content has become a very important part of the TT culture.

Whether you enjoy downing raid bosses or 'Tipping Taurens' in PvP, we are the best place to find the best of both worlds!

Potential candidates should reach out to any online Tipping Officer for invite consideration. Also, feel free to reach out to our GM with questions at any time.

He can mostly be found on main toon "Ikur-Zuluhed" or isur#1520
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